I made a comic about Mario

I made a comic about Mario

Yeah, it’s been a while since I updated this blog. Have a comic strip. Backloggery updates will return again soon, and I have some posts about ponies I want to write. That’s right. Finally some pony-action on what is more or less a pony-themed blog, and man does that sound dirty.

Accidental sexual innuendo? That’s my cue. I’m out. Enjoy.


Backloggin’ – 02/07/2012

The fantastic, statistical/social addiction that is The Backloggery continues to motivate me as I work through my collection of unfinished games. Seriously, I have never felt so compelled to finish every game I own. There is something so satisfying about changing a game from “unfinished” to “beaten” – or possibly even “complete” if enough time was…