9 Months Later, My Leg is Still Broken

An x-ray of my broken leg

Nine months ago, I broke my tibia, along with probably a dozen other bones. I was unconscious for two weeks. Hospitalized for over a month. In a wheelchair for over half a year. But gradually, over the period of many months, I regained my ability to walk.

Only now, it turns out I’ve been walking on a broken leg.

An x-ray of my broken leg

When my orthopedic surgeon told me the bone hadn’t healed, I wasn’t surprised: I had taken a sneak-peek at the x-ray, and the fracture was about as obvious as Donald Trump’s hairpiece. What was more shocking was that I’ve been walking on the bone without any pain or discomfort. The damn thing is practically bent at a five-degree angle!

Bodies are wild.

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