Cat Log: The Embiggening, Part 2

Large Maine Coon Kitten

In my last Cat Log — a piece of gonadal gonzo journalism — I covered Ozzy’s inevitable neutering. Several months have passed since the operation, and thankfully, the little guy seems to be doing well. Only now, he’s not so little.

Part of the excitement of owning a Maine Coon or another large cat breed stems from anticipating how large they’ll be at peak maturity. I imagine it’s similar to the vertical suspense that one might experience during parenthood. Of course, with cats, you’re working with a smaller growth timeline of 1-3 years. Nonetheless, there’s an odd satisfaction in observing another lifeform slowly grow in size and stature.

Back in July, Ozzy weighed in at 7 pounds and 11 ounces and was beginning to catch up to our adult cat, Vash. Now, five months have passed, and Ozzy outweighs Vash at about 12-13 pounds, which is heavier than most average-sized cats.

Maine Coon kitten and adult catThis picture was taken in early September. Since then, Ozzy has gained even more girth.

At some point, Ozzy was filling out so quickly that I began to worry if we were fattening him up (he was free-feeding in addition to scheduled meals, after all). But, after confirming that you could still feel his ribs, it became apparent that all of that store-bought protein was being put to good use.

Maine Coon kitten weight gain

He’s not fat, I swear!

Ozzy’s weight gain has also tipped another scale in his favour: namely, our apartment’s feline power dynamic. Previously, Ozzy would regularly playfight with my partner’s older cat, Vash. But, because the two cats fell into different weight classes, their tussles were always far from being evenly matched.

Now — aside from age — the two cats are similar enough physically to headline a UFC match with little discrepancy. Not that I would ever support such a thing: a feline sparring league would likely check most boxes on the ol’ animal cruelty criteria list.

Anyway, given that Ozzy hasn’t even hit the 1-year-old mark yet, it’ll be interesting to see where things progress from here. It’s very possible that, in the years to come, we’ll have one furry big boy on our hands!

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