Compulsive Creativity, Therapeutic Blogging, Butterflies, and Butt Plugs

Butterflies on wall

I’ve started and abandoned many blog-type sites throughout my online life so far. I published comics online during my adolescence, started several gaming blogs in my teen years, and, well… here we go again.

There’s an old, sobering adage that gets dug up from time to time. Like every other concentrated butt-nugget of wisdom and possible truth, it gets around and permeates through the ol’ blood-brain barrier often enough — less often than its elated, optimistic, yoga-pants-wearing counterparts “do what you love” and “follow your dreams,” but I digress. As I recall, it goes something like “do what you love for hire, and you’ll have full pockets and an empty soul.”

I’ve been freelance writing for about two years now. As a job, a money-maker, bread-earner, whatever, I enjoy it enough on most days. But, it didn’t take me long to figure out that writing for someone else couldn’t fulfill my strange, fetishistic need to write for myself.

I’ve always loved writing. It’s an extension of thought, and like most people, I have a lot of those — some mangled and malformed, others less so. In general, I enjoy the process of committing words to a page in the hopes of nailing down the lofty, fleeting brain butterflies that flit about in my head. But, as it turns out, writing for myself is some kind of psychological, intrapersonal need I have to satisfy: an itch I have to scratch, a fluid I must eject, a butt I have to plug. If I don’t, the tides of depression begin to rise once more, and I get sad — depressed, lifeless, soulless.

So, on a somewhat lighter note, here we are! Digital Visceral is a place for me to smear my digital art therapy canvas with words about life, art, and other topics. If you’d like to tag along, feel free to join me. I’ll expect that I’ll be posting once a week at a minimum, sometimes more.



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