I Passed My ICBC Class 7 Road Test!

A driver and a passenger sitting in a car

It’s been a week since my last update, so I figured I’d check in with more details regarding how my ICBC road test went.

I passed! Despite everything I had heard, the test wasn’t difficult at all. My examiner was courteous and seemed pretty relaxed the entire time. And, thanks to all the practicing I did, the route we took was very familiar, and there weren’t many surprises.

I did find it funny that the examiner prefaced the test by saying he wouldn’t “try to trick me or make me do anything illegal.” Less than a minute later, he told me to park next to a fire hydrant. I pointed it out to him, and he then directed me to park elsewhere. It’s hard to say whether he was attempting to trick me or didn’t notice the hydrant himself. I’m leaning towards the latter: it was past noon, and he might’ve been experiencing a post-lunchtime energy slump.

Apparently, I did make some mistakes, but the examiner said I didn’t repeat them and therefore didn’t accrue severe demerits. He didn’t say what my mistakes were, but one of them might’ve been forgetting to disengage the parking brake while parked: I remember revving the engine at some point by accident and apologizing, which he couldn’t have missed.

Other than that, the examiner wrote that I “park far from curbs,” which I must’ve done several times when he instructed me to pull over. That was an amusing twist because while learning how to drive, I always opted to practice reverse parallel parking over standard pull-over parking. As a result, I wasn’t great at performing what is arguably an easier parking maneuver.

Anyway, after five months of practice, I’m very relieved to be done with driving lessons. I’ll continue to learn from behind-the-wheel — but it’ll be on my own time and at my discretion.

Featured image by Orkun Azap on Unsplash

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