Midterms incoming. Stress levels reaching maximum capacity. Abort sequence?


Hi. You might be wondering why I haven’t posted in two weeks. Lemme fill you in.

I’m going to Florida on the 15th for a week, so I’m basically trying to get everything done for my college classes – and I do meanĀ everything. Every midterm exam, essay, and assignment that I’ve been assigned thus far this term I have to finish before I take off and bathe in the glorious sun rays in Sarasota. It’s quite the workload, and I have little to no free time right now – hence no game-playing, and hence no blog posts. I mean, seriously – I don’t think I’ve ever been this busy before in my life.

It’ll all be over pretty soon, though, and I’ll be back at the whole blogging thing given a week or so.

Until then, check out some of the blogs in the sidebar over there – they might quench your game-blogging thirst a little. Later!