One dude’s humble return to blogging

So, after about a year’s absence, I’m back at this blogging thing again. Isn’t this a little awkward. That only makes… what, four times I’ve gone back and forth now?

I’ve been on and off with blogging for a few years now, but it seems like I always end up crawling back to it. I guess having all these ideas and opinions swirling in your head about what you’ve been playing and watching and reading about makes for sort of a congested mental state – so blogging, for me, has always been like a much-welcome cathartic mind purge. If I stay away from it for too long, I lose touch with my own internal voice, and that’s something that blogging has always helped with.

A few things have happened since I took off and abandoned this blog. I went back to school in a new place after considering that the next three years of my life would be spent at a community college and realizing that it kinda sucked there. So fast-forward a bit, and I’m at a new school in a new city. Life is generally sucking less. It’s kinda nice.

But enough about that. Let’s talk site business.

TMGP, the site that once was, is no longer. For everyone but like, the one guy out there, that was my old Ninja Turtles + My Little Pony + video games blog, a combo that at the time, I probably thought would work quite well. Turns out though, that I just ended up writing about video games. And in rekindling this site, I was like, hey – why limit myself to those two? I watch tons of shows and movies. Why not blog about all the awesome digital media I spend countless hours on?

So that’s where this site (formerly TMGP) has changed a bit. New name and a new focus on digital content in general – no limitations here! Everything from video games to dumb internet videos and whatever else happens to catch my attention for more than five seconds will probably be mentioned (an ideal screening process, since my attention span is so screwed these days – thanks Internet!) And hey, at least this way I won’t have any excuses when I just drop the whole blogging thing again, as seems to be annual tradition.

I thought about starting a tumblr, but I don’t really like how that platform is utilized by most. It seems to be less about blogging and more about regurgitating content that generates anything above a slightly “heh” reaction. Which is cool I guess, but I pictured myself spending hours reblogging stuff instead of y’know, writing my own shit, and realized that I don’t really need another productivity-sapper in my life. I seriously think my ratio of free time to class work this semester was 10:1, which was fucking awesome, don’t get me wrong, but a good chunk of that was spent endlessly watching dumb YouTube videos and chowing down on Oreos and college cafeteria food. Tuition money well-spent.

So yeah, Pixl.Trip is a thing now. I hope you stick around, because given my history, who knows if I will!