Ozzy’s 1st Birthday!

Maine Coon Norwegian Forest Cat growth over 1 year

I missed the opportunity to write about this on the day-of, but Ozzy, my Maine-coon/Norwegian forest cat turned 1-year old!

I don’t know his exact birthday, but given that we brought him home on April 18th, 2019, at around eight weeks of age, my partner and I estimate that he was born in late February (which, coincidentally, happens to be around my birthday). At the time, he weighed only a few pounds and was the size of a large squirrel. Now, he’s about 16-17 pounds and the size of a mutant squirrel. Check out that long, bushy tail!

Maine Coon Norwegian Forest Cat 1 year old

It’s surreal how quickly he’s grown. In just under a year, he grew to outsize my girlfriend’s 15-year-old Siamese-Tuxedo cat, Vash. You can really feel the weight difference when handling either cat, too: Vash feels like a normal-sized cat, while Ozzy feels like a sack of potatoes.

While it was tempting to adorn Ozzy in birthday clothes and other accessories for the amusement of us, his benevolent human overlords, I decided to spare him the humiliation and just spoil him with some treats instead.

All in all, we’re delighted with how Ozzy has turned out. Despite being a feisty youngling, he’s still very receptive to affection and seems to feel comfortable and confident in his new home.


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