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Ponies, ponies and… what’s this? A new blog?

by Velgorth on DeviantArt.

Hi there, I’m Stefan – better known as “rav4ge” on the internet!

I’m a pretty avid gamer, and I love ponies among other cartoons, so I wanted to start a blog incorporating both!

You may have already read some of my blogging before – if my name sounds familiar, that’s because I used to blog on However, I decided after over two years on that site that I wanted to move away from sticking mostly to the “review” niche of NomNom and have a place where my blogging could be more general. I’ve always had things to say, but I noticed a lot of the time that NomNom never seemed like the place for them, especially when they involved ponies. I’ve always enjoyed writing for NomNom, but the site never found an identity and as a result, I never felt one. That made deciding what was appropriate to post very difficult.

The other reason is that I never liked the name, and after I wrote a bit about it, I realized just how much it bothered me – subconsciously, of course. I’ve never really felt “proud” of NomNom as a whole somewhat because of the name, but I am proud of some and most of what has gone into it.

So “One Click Pony” is a chance for me to just start from a clean slate and see how things go. It’s odd having so much less control since I’m using as opposed to a self-hosted version this time, but I find it’s not best to drop money on anything until project-related unless it’s really justified – which in this case, with only a few posts and really nothing else, it isn’t. At least, not yet.

If you’ve read anything from me in the past, please don’t be scared off by the abundance of ponies on this site! I promise I’ll keep things gaming related – at this point, they’re more decorative than anything. However, I do plan on having pony-themed posts, but those will be categorized separately.

Anyway, thanks for stopping by! I am quite enthusiastic at the potential that this blog holds! Now all that is left is to make it happen…


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