Pursuing Assisted Suicide

One year ago today, I attempted to end my life. I discouraged intervention. Biased outside authorities — my government and parents — ignored my wishes and intervened anyway, believing that I could be “helped.”

I was then forced to endure what was unequivocally, definitively the worst year of my life. Unwanted surgeries, operations, procedures, check-ins, medications — the list goes on and on.

One year later, I emerge from the ashes of that incident with even greater conviction in desiring death. After reassessing the prospect of living through an impartial lens, these outside authorities were wrong (as biased individuals tend to be), and I was right. My life isn’t worth living. No human life is worth living if you’re capable of thinking rationally, but I won’t try and convince anyone here. I’ve written more than a few posts on the subject here on this blog. Otherwise, go read some Mitchell Heisman or some shit.

In desiring a suicide method with a 100% success rate, I will be leaving it to the professionals and pursuing assisted suicide. In the meantime, I am not a threat to myself. I will let you know how it goes.

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