Some ninja-like ninja changes

You might be wondering, “whoa, what happened here? Where’s One Click Pony?”

Well, to put it simply, this is OCP. I just changed the name, domain, and made some appropriate theme changes.

Why? Well, I’ve realized something since starting this blog. I said when I started it up that I wanted to focus on ponies and video games specifically on this blog, but since then I haven’t had a single post about ponies. I know, right? Sad.

Um, hey Fluttershy..? I’m really sorry, okay?

It’s not that I don’t have anything to say about ponies. It’s just gaming is usually on my mind, and therefor what I end up blogging about. There’s just a lot more writing potential there, I find. Since MLP season 3 isn’t out yet, I haven’t been absorbed in the show like I was while going through seasons 1 & 2, which is to be expected. There’s the whole online pony thing, but I’m not one to dabble too much in that. I just really like the show, and since it’s not currently airing new episodes – I don’t have much to say. So having a blog with the word “pony” in it that didn’t have any pony-themed posts didn’t really make sense to me.

That being said, I do have pony posts I planned on making. It’s just a matter of sitting my ass down and doing it.

But then there’s this other show that’s filling the gap for me quite well that I’m also really passionate about and one I’ve been following since the 3rd grade. That’s right. Ninja Turtles. Since the new Nickelodeon show is really doing it for me – in fact, it’s miles ahead of the 2k3 series from what I’ve seen so far – I decided I should make that the third focus of my blog, because I know I’ll be posting about it. Hell, I’ve already written one post and I have another one in the works.

That means this blog is a video-gaming-pony-watching-ninja-turtling thing now, which pretty much makes it the most niche thing ever, I’m sure. But whatever, I’m not about page-views and commonality here. I just wanna say what I want to say and have a place to do it.

Starting today, TMGP is that place.

…besides, it’s not like anyone’s gonna notice anyway. I still have that early blog advantage, oh yeah.