A Fallout 76 Screenshot Bonanza

Against all expectations, Fallout 76 has become a gaming staple around here. I’ve been playing it almost daily for over a month now, and it’s even managed to hold my partner’s interest for a similar amount of time. That’s especially impressive given the massive amount of choices one has for entertainment these days. My partner and I both subscribed to Microsoft’s Game Pass to play Fallout 76, so theoretically, we could’ve dived into the hundreds of other games in the Game Pass catalogue at any time.

Nevertheless, Fallout 76 has remained the go-to option, and we’ve been having a lot of fun in its apocalyptic-yet-painterly world. To chronicle our adventures, I thought I’d share some of the screenshots I’ve taken during our playtime. You should be able to click on each to view them in closer detail.

Painterly, Indeed

Overlooking Appalachia's forests in Fallout 76

I used the term “painterly” up there to describe Fallout 76. Case in point: this screenshot. I took it with one of the in-game photomode filters, so it’s not exactly a virgin depiction of Fallout 76’s world. But still: The trees, the golden-brown aura, the azure skies… heavenly.

Moving to Hell’s Doorstep

My destroyed player-created CAMP in Fallout 76

Okay. There’s quite the story behind this one.

In Fallout 76, you can place and create player-made “C.A.M.Ps” pretty much anywhere in the world, with some restrictions. My first home was a ramshackle cottage I slapped together in about an hour of perfunctory play. It offered the bear necessities — a place to sleep, workbenches, storage — and in that sense, it was nice. But my partner’s extravagant lakeside house soon convinced me to attempt building something more fanciful.

My partner advised that I build the new home on an arid cliff she had found. It was a sweet spot, complete with sweeping vistas of the game world. Awestruck, I broke ground within minutes of arriving and got to work constructing my new home.

That was a critical mistake. If my partner was the approximation of an in-game real estate agent, she’d be an evil, villainous one laughing all the way to the bank.

Here’s why: Fallout 76’s regions feature various enemy types. For instance, the early-game forested areas are populated by small mutant creatures like bugs and molerats that aren’t very threatening. Go elsewhere, though, and you might encounter gargantuan crab and reptilian enemies that can quickly end your in-game life.

Perhaps unknowingly, my partner had advised me to build my new home on the doorstep of hell. Within hours of erecting walls and floors, I was attacked by a squad of mutated super-soldiers (Super Mutants), a hideous winged demon the size of a school bus (Scorchbeast), and a furry, horned behemoth seemingly summoned by Satan himself (Sheepsquatch).

A Sheepsquatch in Fallout 76

My new neighbour in Fallout 76

Feeling that I had no choice, I fought each monster off. But when the dust had settled, my new house was devastated. Enemies in Fallout 76 can damage player-made structures, and the Sheepsquatch had destroyed the entire bottom floor of my home.

Of course, repairing destroyed objects in Fallout 76 takes a mere button press. But repairs also require various in-game resources that need to be scrounged up from the game world. Not only were my new neighbours costing me time — they were costing me resources. Sure, I had managed to fend them off this time. But as long as I lived on the doorstep of hell, more monsters would return in their place — and they wouldn’t be stopping by to borrow a cup of sugar.

I was pissed. I ended up moving my C.A.M.P. that evening. Then the game glitched out and wouldn’t allow me to place my existing C.A.M.P. elsewhere, which meant starting from scratch. At that point, I retired from carpentry and fired my real estate agent.

The Endless Dog Slaughter Pit

A pile of dead dogs in Fallout 76

The story behind the last screenshot was quite lengthy, so I’ll try to keep this one short.

Fallout 76 features repeatable public quests called “events.” These events appear on the in-game map at random, and participating in them yields significant rewards.

At this particular moment, my partner and I had fast-travelled to attend one. But when we arrived, we noticed that the event in question seemed glitched. Every thirty seconds or so, a pack of vicious dogs would spawn in the same area, and whatever else was supposed to happen wasn’t happening. So all there was to do was kill dogs again, and again, and again.

I suppose we could have exploited this moment to effectively power-level our characters. But Fallout 76’s dogs are easy to kill, and eventually, boredom set in. We may have given up on completing the event — but it did make for a memorable screenshot.

Ghoul Facial Reconstruction

A ghoul in Fallout 76 with an exploded headThis is one of those “feel-good-glitches” that’s amusing rather than frustrating.

I had blown this ghoul’s head clean off with a well-placed shotgun blast. But rather than stay dead, his corpse suddenly reanimated itself, with the scattered pieces of his head falling neatly back into place.

It was as if a plastic surgeon had attempted to put him back together. I suppose when it comes to reconstructive surgery, we can’t all be so fortunate.

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