My Top 5 Games This Year

I kinda skipped last week’s backlog update, but that’s only because I was working on something special – a top five list of my favorite games this year, and in video form, no less!

It took me probably longer than it should have to finish it, but that’s only because I’m new to this video making stuff – this was actually my first time using Adobe Premier. But I think it came out pretty well, so give it a watch and let me know what you think – oh, and by the way, what were your favorite games this year? I actually read every single comment I get on here (yes, including the viagra spam ones), so I’d actually totally love to know. Getting legitimate  comments on this blog is like all the feelings of Christmas morning condensed into a smaller read – dead serious.

Anyway, here you are. Enjoy!


I’ll be back next week for another backlog update. Happy new year and happy gaming!



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