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New TMNT game “Out of the Shadows” announced, Raphael looks like a watermelon

So, while I was trying to figure out just how I would tackle my seemingly insurmountable school workload, Activision announced a new TMNT game. Why am I never around when these things happen? Luckily, I saw a tweet about it, did a quick google search, and was presented with this:


Now, obviously I’m a big Ninja Turtles guy. Any new announcement regarding the franchise is likely to turn my head, especially because there are so few of them. But a new Ninja Turtles game? Yeah, man – it’s been a while.

So, logically I check out the trailer – which you can watch for yourself down below, and… well, I’ll just attempt to recreate my reaction from there.

[youtube]I press play and it starts. The trailer seems nice enough. You’ve got some pleasing Far Cry 3-esque sounds going on as various news headlines show on-screen. Then we get some gameplay happening, and it looks good – rather dark and gritty looking for a game based on the new Nickelodeon series, but then again, I’m all for tha-


Uh, …what the fuck is that? Is that… Raph? Wait, what?

Hold on, zoom and enhance this shit.


Oh god. No. Nononononono. This can’t be happening. What in gods name did they do to him?


Dude. He looks like a friggin’ Locust Drone from Gears of War.

…I have an idea. Computer, generate an image of a Locust Drone as a Ninja turtle.

>Process complete.


Holy fucking shit. Holy fucking shit. I cannot believe this.

So that was pretty much my reaction. Now, hear me out. The game itself, from what little is shown in the trailer, looks good. These designs? They might just have been pulled out of somone’s ass, because dear god what happened here.

Things get even worse when you go to color.


Look at his complexion. He looks like a goddamn watermelon.



Ugh, I don’t know man, I just don’t know. Is this some movie tie-in deal with that supposed horror-show that Michael Bay was making? Why the fuck does Raphael look like a watermelon? I mean, again – the game looks pretty good, and I’m excited, I guess. But it’s just one of those things, man. Like, I cannot un-see.

I’m going back to my schoolwork now. Even school stuff makes more sense now that I’ve been exposed to… whatever this is.

So, new TMNT game. Um, yay?



  • orlandirafael
    Aug 28, 2013 10:52 am

    Never seen so much complaining for so little. Come on, if there was any criticism about the graphics, I would agree because they seen a little outdated. Yet I would play this for some good nostalgia! But compare Raphael with a watermellow was a little too much.

  • Andrea Werner
    May 18, 2013 6:56 pm

    Oh, stop being so melondramatic. Raph looks nothing like a locust drone. Note the lack of wrinkles and lipless fangs. I think the artists and modelers did a good job of creating realistic TMNT without making them look super creepy. And holy cow, they actually gave them nostrils.

  • Sid
    Mar 05, 2013 2:29 pm

    EXACTLY My reaction right there….Game looks great though. I’m not gonna lie, it looks like a good TMNT Game since Turtles in Time!

    And it has 4 player Online/Offline Co-op so…that kicks ass 🙂