World of Warcraft: Dailies, Dailies, Dailies

A daily quest giver in Orgrimmar

I’ve been writing about how World of Warcraft has really been scratching my gaming itch lately. But something I haven’t covered is my enjoyment of WoW’s daily quests.

These (sometimes infinitely) repeatable quests have been an integral element of WoW for some time now. They’ve also earned the ire of many players, which seems to stem from how bland but necessary they are for in-game progression.

Most of WoW‘s daily quests are simple: create or collect this many things and turn them in. Then, there are “world quests,” which feature randomly rotating objectives spread out across the newer expansion zones (Legion, Battle for Azeroth). For world quests, you might have to kill a particularly dangerous foe or play a minigame. Most dailies don’t take more than a few minutes to complete.

Although these daily quests aren’t terribly exciting, they’ve become a ritualistic element of my WoW play sessions lately. Part of the reason is that WoW does a good job of rewarding you for completing them, promising relevant gear upgrades, gold, and in-game reputation gains.

But for me, dailies are also enjoyable because they stimulate my inner “speedrunner.” There’s something compelling about logging in, checking which world quests are available, and planning a route for the fastest completion. Doing dailies also means I don’t have to commit to a longer play session, which is often demanded by lengthier excursions like dungeons and raids.

Don’t get me wrong, though: I’m not waxing poetic about dailies because they’re the only in-game activity I enjoy. Instead, I appreciate that they add an accessible, low-barrier-to-entry layer of gameplay to WoW. The game feels more compatible with different playstyles and shorter play sessions because of them.

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