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Wrapping Up in Battle for Azeroth

With World of Warcraft: Shadowlands set to drop in just under two months, I’m running out of time with the game’s current expansion, Battle for Azeroth.

Such is the case in an MMORPG. Although WoW’s world is persistent, the game’s content ages like bread. Stale content needs to be regularly refreshed and replaced with new offerings. And although WoW allows you to explore older quests and dungeons, the majority of other players will always be focused on what’s new. That means you’ll largely be toiling away on your own if you’re after old-world unlocks and achievements.

I played Battle for Azeroth only briefly when it was released back in August 2018. But upon revisiting the expansion, I’ve been astounded with how much the game has changed. Blizzard has supplemented BFA’s release content with additional new zones, unlock systems, and storylines that take you across Azeroth in a grand quest to prevent a looming apocalypse. There are also plenty of items to upgrade, pets and mounts to collect, and a never-ending supply of daily quests to complete (but who would ever want to do those?).

Unfortunately, while all of this content might be novel to me — a returning player of only several months — it seems that most BFA players are burnt out on the expansion. And while Blizzard’s efforts to keep the game relevant are commendable, it’s easy to see why player interest might be waning. As the kids say, upgrading your Heart of Azeroth and hunting the jungles of Zuldazar “hits different” when you’ve been doing it for two years.

Still, I’ve been enjoying catching up on what I missed in BFA. Like all WoW expansions, Shadowlands’ arrival will undoubtedly nullify the potency of any armor and weapons collected in BFA. So instead of collecting loot, I’m focusing on completing all the dungeons and raids and unlocking some easy mounts and pets.

Should I have the urge for a mindless grind, I could also work on maxing out my character’s trade skills, such as cooking and fishing. But I doubt I’ll have the time (or patience) for that. For now, I’ll be passing on BFA’s dry and mold-ridden content for whatever seems flavorful — even if it is a bit stale.