Life 1

Indulging in Indignant Videos

It’s important to have an outlet when you’re indignant. Otherwise, the feeling can fester and intensify. The next thing you know, you’re throwing an adult temper tantrum at Toys ‘R Us and being labelled a “Karen” by internet commenters. It’s not a good look.

There are plenty of outlets for indignancy: Exercise, smashing unneeded objects, meditation, yoga. One of my favourite outlets, though, is watching other people vocalize their indignancy. This probably isn’t very healthy — but it’s oddly cathartic. Somehow, watching someone say what I wish I could say to the world around me — consequence-free — is almost as good as the real thing. And it’s certainly cheaper than therapy.

Here are my go-to videos that help me “cool off:”

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Saint Maud (2021) & The A24 Horror Formula

Saint Maud is the fifth contemporary horror film from distribution company A24 that I’ve watched. It’s many things: unnerving, darkly beautiful, and deeply disturbing. But above all, it’s proof that many of these A24 horror movies are variations on the same nihilistic formula.

Perhaps it’s not fair to compare Saint Maud to A24’s other beloved modern horror releases. After all, The Witch (2016), Hereditary (2018), Midsommar (2019), and The Lighthouse (2019) are the work of different creators — namely, Ari Aster and Robert Eggers. But at this point, A24 seems to have either an implicit or explicit preference for films of this type, because the similarities between their styles and structures are too conspicous.

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Games Media

One Way to Make Tab-Targeting MMOs More Interesting

Yesterday, I was levelling my Warlock in World of Warcraft: Classic, and I stumbled into a quest that got me thinking about MMO combat design.

The quest itself was standard WoW-fare: Kill ten of these ungodly abominations and return thereafter. So, I readied my keybinds, targeted my unknowing victims, and prepared to devastate them with my character’s foul, stinky fel magic — as I had done thousands of times before.

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Life 8

Where is This All Headed?

Since time immemorial, most humans have been preoccupied with survival.

Day in, and day out, they toiled to meet their immediate needs: Food, water, shelter.

I’m fortunate enough to have ample food, water, and a roof over my head. In fact, if I play my cards right, those immediate needs will be covered indefinitely with very little effort on my part. But as you ascend the hierarchy of needs, one’s goals become less explicable and easily defined. And now, for the umpteenth time, I face a weighty question: Where is this all headed?

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Games Media 2

Halo 2 LASO Deathless: Jervalin Emerges Victorious

This is one for the history books. Just hours ago, Twitch streamer Jervalin achieved the unthinkable: He beat Halo 2’s single-player campaign on Legendary difficulty with All Skulls On (LASO) without dying. Unless his run is disqualified, he’ll be pocketing YouTuber “Moistcr1tikal‘s” $20000 USD cash prize.

His timing is amusing, too, considering I just wrote about the challenge yesterday.

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Writing 10

Participating in Blaugust 2022 with Hesitance

Today, August 1st, kicks off “Blaugust 2022” a monthly blog challenge hosted by some mainstays in the gaming blog scene. The goal is simple: Post at least once a day throughout August, and victory is yours.

Oh, but participants aren’t competing amongst themselves or for cash prizes. Instead, Blaugust tests the individual’s blogging endurance, with victory serving to validate one’s discipline — and in turn, foster the blogging community.

Actually, there are prizes: If last year is any indication, victors can walk away with one of several shiny Blaugust “medal” icons depending on how much they posted. I certainly wouldn’t mind having one in my sidebar.

I’m a Blaugust entrant for the first time this year — albeit reluctantly. Unfortunately, my health issues have worsened over the last week, which may reduce my blogging frequency. As I type this, I’m experiencing a gnarly wave of nausea — and given my history, more’s to come. Surf’s up, dude!!

Still, I’ve been wanting to get back into blogging since taking a several-month hiatus. I even tweaked this blog’s design in anticipation (let me know what you think of the changes!). I’m hoping Blaugust can get me writing again, all while drawing attention to a fantastic community of dedicated bloggers.

Happy blogging, everyone!


An Ode to Angelic Women

Over the last few months, I’ve been trying to reconnect with the things in life that have brought me joy, peace, and comfort. Angelic women — or women in general — is one of them.

These women are “angelic” because, at various times in my life, they’ve arrived unexpectedly and uplifted me through radiant compassion and kindness — particularly in times of need.

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The Choice You Make in This Thought Experiment Says a Lot About You

Let’s say you’re facing two doorways to two separate rooms. You have to enter one room, but you can’t enter both.

Room One

Room One contains guaranteed suffering. If you enter Room One, you will suffer, but the degree and duration of that suffering is random and varies. You could be beaten, raped, or tortured one-hundred times over. Alternatively, you might just have a small nagging pain in your elbow. This collective suffering might last five seconds or the rest of your life. You won’t know. However, you also have a chance of receiving small, pleasurable rewards, which are also random and vary in frequency and number. You might get ice cream, a funny dancing monkey, or a pleasant song. At the very least, you might receive moments of respite from the suffering.

To summarize, Room One contains:

  • Guaranteed, but undetermined suffering
  • Possibility of receiving small, pleasurable rewards
  • Possibility of receiving moments of respite from the suffering

Room Two

Room Two contains guaranteed nothingness and safety from suffering. It’s empty. Modern science has no reason to believe that anything will happen to you in there. You will not suffer. You won’t experience any uncomfortable or comfortable sensations.

To summarize, Room Two contains:

  • Guaranteed nothingness
  • Safety from suffering

Which do you choose?

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