I made a comic about Mario

I made a comic about Mario

Yeah, it’s been a while since I updated this blog. Have a comic strip. Backloggery updates will return again soon, and I have some posts about ponies I want to write. That’s right. Finally some pony-action on what is more or less a pony-themed blog, and man does that sound dirty.

Accidental sexual innuendo? That’s my cue. I’m out. Enjoy.


Backloggin’ – 02/07/2012

The fantastic, statistical/social addiction that is The Backloggery continues to motivate me as I work through my collection of unfinished games. Seriously, I have never felt so compelled to finish every game I own. There is something so satisfying about changing a game from “unfinished” to “beaten” – or possibly even “complete” if enough time was…

In Defense of the Shooter Genre

Watch Dogs had me interested until the guns came out. Like, why is it always necessary? There was such a great buildup in hacking devices I thought that if there was combat it’d involve taking advantage of devices, almost in a puzzle solving way like Ghost Trick. Aren’t people tired of taking cover and shooting…